Four Indicators That Your Business Needs Commercial Motor Insurance In Australia

Commercial motor insurance is a type of business insurance that covers the owner of a vehicle against damage or injury caused by their car.

If you're running a business, it's important to have commercial motor insurance. Here are four indicators that your business needs commercial motor insurance in Australia.

1. Employees Use Their Own Cars For Work Purposes 

Some Australian businesses allow their employees to use their own personal cars when they're on the job — if they're carrying out deliveries or attending meetings in their own vehicles while they're working on company time. However, if something goes wrong while they're driving on behalf of their employer, there could be legal implications for both parties involved — especially if the employee wasn't insured when they were driving on behalf of their employer. For this reason, it's important that businesses make sure their employees are fully insured when they're driving on company business.

2. Rent Vehicles For Business Purposes 

If you rent or lease vehicles for business purposes, then your business needs commercial motor insurance in Australia. This type of policy will protect you from liability claims arising out of a vehicle accident involving one of your rented or leased vehicles. For example, if one of your rented vehicles gets into an accident and causes damage to someone else's property or injures an individual, then it would be covered under this type of policy.

3. Use A Vehicle To Transport Goods

If your business is transporting goods by truck, van, or other vehicles, then you'll want to make sure that you're protected with comprehensive coverage.

This includes coverage for liability (to pay for bodily injury and property damage), uninsured motorist coverage (for accidents involving uninsured drivers), collision, and comprehensive coverages (to cover damages caused by collisions).

4. Provide Transportation Services 

If you provide transportation services, such as taxi services or renting vehicles to the public, then you need commercial motor insurance in Australia. This type of insurance will protect your vehicle from third-party liability claims and also protect your business from damage claims. If someone is injured in your vehicle, then this insurance covers their medical expenses and other damages they may suffer from. It also offers protection for any passengers who may be injured in a crash involving your vehicle.

There are many reasons why you might need commercial motor insurance in Australia. To find out more about Australian insurance coverage, including allied health insurance, chat with a member of the team today.